45 minutes of waiting and neither of the boys can remember how to smile. i will put up the other santa we went to tomorrow. picture1


dad, i want out….

just a cute picture of nicholas. he thinks he can stand and walk. here he is looking out at the backyard at 6:30 in the morning……

nicholas at 8 1/2 months

nicholas at 8 1/2 months

tricky in a box

nicholas, aka, tricky proves he is like all other kids sometimes. he wanted nothing to do… Continue reading

It is official, noah is a big kid

Each day as we watch Nicholas grow and wonder what he is going to do next, I kind of take it for granted that Noah is a big kid. Continue reading

Halloween in U city

I wrote that title and then realized that that might not be a great headline. After we got home from trick or treating in our safe neighborhood, a cop was shot just over a mile from our house. He was shot while sitting in his car in a very very busy area called the Loop. In all of the places I have lived, I don’t know that anything that brazen has happened that close to my house. I know you came for the pictures but pray for Sgt King’s family.

Here are some pictures of the little guys. Continue reading

Nicholas is baptized

This past Sunday, Nicholas was baptized at Our Lady of Lourdes church. It is right across the street from us but since his grandparents are not, we waited until we could find a weekend that everyone could make it in. We are superexcited about his supergodparents – Jessica and Lance.

Nicholas tries to dive in the holy water

Nicholas tries to dive in the holy water

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i am back at least for a day

I know no one probably checks this anymore but if you do, here are a few recent pictures.

This is Nicholas at the pumpkin patch last weekend, the day before he got baptised and an 80 degree day in mid October.

Nicholas at the pumpkin patch

Nicholas at the pumpkin patch

This is Noah and Nicholas the same day at the pumpkin patch.

the boys in the pumpkin patch

the boys in the pumpkin patch

check back tomorrow for pictures from the Baptism.